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About Us

As we talk with leaders, they all say the same thing if they're being honest: They don't have the time or resources to recruit the person they really want or their growth outpaces the ability to hire for the long term.


Top performing leaders have figured out the key - the right teams. 

Our focus is on connecting top talent in: 

-Healthcare IT (Support, Optimization, Implementation)

-Corporate IT (Dev & Devops, Cyber, Infrastructure/Cloud, etc)

-Healthcare Leadership (Director, VP, CxO: Clinical, Operations, Finance, Executive)

Our Clients

Our clients are diverse but we really love working with the healthcare industry and with growth-oriented technology companies

Our Difference

We have an extensive search process to ensure quality and we stand behind our placements. If someone does not work within the first six months, we will commence the search again. 

  • 400+ placements completed

  • 10% of net income is given away to great missions. We exist to be a force for good!


Founder/CEO - Kyle Cravens

  • 15+ years experience in top tier recruiting / talent acquisition

  • 10 years with the award winning search firm Provisions Group

  • Blessed with an incredible wife Patricia of nearly 20 years and 3 amazing boys 

  • Member/Owner, NPA Worldwide and the elite Top Echelon network 

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